D-Link DBG-2000 043882 / DBG-2000

  • Nuclias cloud-based remote management (1-year license included)
  • Point-to-point VPN options for flexible deployments
  • Security Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Dynamic Web Content Filtering, Application Control
  • SD-WAN with WAN load balancing
  • Zero-Touch Deployment, plug & play deployment
D-Link DBG-2000
Artikel-Nr. 043882 / DBG-2000

Technische Daten

D-Link DBG-2000 - Nuclias Cloud SD-WAN Security Gateway

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Technische Daten

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Why You Want It:
Zero Touch Provisioning
Automatically configured, no on-site setup necessary

Cloud-Based Management
Manage on-site or remotely, wherever, whenever

Intrusion Prevention System
Inspect vulnerabilities and protect intrusions from unknown backdoors

Dynamic Web Content Filtering
The Web Content Filtering feature keeps the network safe against malicious websites and provide browsing behaviors analytics.

Application Control
Streamline configuration of security settings and propagate to all the connected SD-WAN gateways

Auto VPN
Easily build VPN tunnels between Nuclias Cloud SD-WAN Gateways

Harness the Power of Cloud Networking
This device is part of the Nuclias Cloud Solution. Businesses of any size and level of IT resources can reap all the benefits of Cloud Networking to boost productivity and enhance competitiveness.

Quick VPN - Enables the Modern Decentralized Workforce
As your workforce moves from the office desk to the home one, Nuclias enables easy P2P VPN tunneling for better business privacy and remote working. Rapidly establish your VPN via the Nuclias dashboard for more secure connections.

Network Security
A Stalwart of Network Security
The DBG-2000 is adept at keeping business networks more secure. The powerful network firewall filters traffic, blocking anything that shouldn’t be there.

Meanwhile, the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) actively shields the network from modern day threats such as DDoS attacks, brute force attacks or vulnerability exploits, as well as raising the alarm alerting administrators to irregularities.

Policy Management Complexity, Drastically Simplified
Policies, Policies, Polices. Nuclias empowers you with the tools you need, such as Content Filters, Firewalls or Application Control. Define your policies as necessary, and then roll them out across the entire network for greater network-wide consistency.