Lenovo Client

Lenovo Clients – Newsletter Januar 2021

Lenovo Part Return Address Changed

Let us remind that Lenovo changed the location of our RTV center (the part return address). Please use the new location address:

Van Eupen repair CZ
Terezinska 1288 Building B2
P3 Logistics Park
410 02 Lovosice
Czech Republic

Instead of the old one:

Lenovo C/O Hemmersbach GmbH & Co.KG
ul. Logistyczna 4

The process of sending returnable parts will not be affected. Only the delivery address has changed.

For more information please refer to the Part Return Process on AWSP Portal.

SERVICE PARTNER PORTAL (https://servicepartner.lenovo.com)

Let us inform you that the Sub-Category “Part ETA” has been updated with the ETA File, which you can download and check on the ETA of the claim. The ETA File report will be updated on daily basis, so you’ll be able to find the actual status of your claim.

Also ‘’Department’’ and ‘’Team’’ fields have been updated. We’ve united ASP and DTE departments into one, and now there’s no need to choose the correct department to get the support.

LS CRM Task Base Guide – REMINDER

We have found claims stuck in our CRM Task Base system due to being incorrectly uploaded by partners. In this case we would recommend to refresh ASP knowledge on how to upload claims with the help of the LS CRM Task Base Guide in AWSP Portal.


Lenovo technical team has found an issue with some of the batteries installed in Thinkpad T460s & T470s machines, which causes the back cover to warp and swollen battery. This issue does not present a safety risk.

To address this, we are issuing an ECA on T460 and T470 machines that exhibit the battery bulging and our partners will be able to order a new battery (FRU 01AV462) under this ECA:

Each repair of T460s and T470 that qualifies for a new battery should be logged as Service Type: ECA Claim Order (code 462)
The system should be within Lenovo warranty and should not exceed 36 months of age from the warranty start date
The new battery – 01AV462 can only be ordered via the ECA claim type
The ECA is valid only as „Fix on Fail“ and if the old battery is bulging and with FRU 01AV406
In case of multiple units reported by the customer requesting an On-Site intervention and repaired on the same day, please be sure to use only one claim with On-Site service delivery method, the other claims should be submitted as Carry-In.

Please note: All conditions have to be met (specially a SWOLLEN BATTERY) in order to claim ECA 462. If battery is not swollen, machine is not suitable for ECA claim.

More info can be found here in AWSP Portal.