Auch in diesem Jahr ist BYTEC wieder auf der Night of IT-BUSINESS als Gewinner eines Awards - zum 15. Mal in Folge - vertreten. In diesem Jahr haben wir in der Kategorie "VAD Server & Storage" einen Gold-Award gewonnen. 

BYTEC erhält das Prüfsiegel "Excellent Distributor" als Gewinner der CRN Leserwahl 2019!

Debian 5.0.3 FSE support

On this page you will find help and instructions. Our desire is to develop and improve Debian 5.0.3 FSE continuously. Therefore we depend on your help. Please send your ideas, criticisms and suggestions for improvements to debian@bytec.de.

Quick Links

Certified PRIMERGY server
Installation instruction
APT source
Root password Live-CD
Onboard network Econel 100S2, RX100S5

Certified PRIMERGY Server

You can find a list of Bytec certified and supported servers here.

Installation instructions

Beside the original Debian packages, Bytec also offers more package groups for installations:

Installation problem

Due to an expired key  the installation process stops right after you choose your packages.

To solve this problem type right after you boot the cd, when you can read  "Press F1 for help, or ENTER to boot:" the following

install debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated=true

ServerView Management

The FSC ServerView Management contains the ServerView agents which are necessary for the hardware monitoring of the system.

RAID Management

This package group offers ServerView RAID which can be used for supervising and setting up a RAID.

Bytec XFCE Server Desktop

The Bytec XFCE Server Desktop is a small graphic interface (app. 900MB). If you choose the point Bytec XFCE server desktop, you have to deselect the desktop area otherwise the Gnome desktop would also be installed and used.

APT source for updates(Only with Basic/Standard/Priority Contract !)

To get updates of the Debian packages, enter the line 'deb http://USER:PASSWORD@www.bytec.de/debian/etch addons' in the file /etc/apt/sources.list and run the command apt-get update.

ServerView components

Update to the latest ServerView agents

To perform an update to the latest ServerView agents uninstall the installed version with dpkg -P serverview and install the new version with aptitude install serverview.

Allow external ServerView selects

After the installation, the service snmpd is configured, so that you can only run selects from the localhost (IP To recall SNMP-information esternally, proceed as follow:

  1. Erase the comment sign (#) in front of the line com2sec svSec / public in the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.local.conf and replace and by the network or the host, from which the server should be accessible by SNMP.
    com2sec svSec / public< or
    com2sec svSec / public
  2. Restart the service snmpd: /etc/init.d/snmpd restart

Bytec ServerView Light

ServerView Light is a web frontend which allows you to check the status of your server without the installation of ServerView S2. It's also possible to control the status of additional server via the network.
To install the most recent version, please uninstall the old version with dpkg -P serverview-light, than you can install the new version with aptitude install serverview-light.

ServerView RAID

ServerView RAID can be used for monitoring and setting up a RAID. It is accessible via the text shell using the command amCLI. A java plugin is required to access of ServerView RAID over the web browser (http://localhost:3173). A 64 bit java plug-in is not available yet, so during installation you can only access to the ServerView RAID via shell.
A detailed ServerView RAID instruction can be found after installing the system under opt/SMAW/RAID/web/public/help/en/manual.pdf. It also can be downloaded here: User manual ServerView RAID.

Start and Stop of the ServerView-agents

To stop or start the ServerView-agents, type the command /etc/init.d/serverview stop resp. /etc/init.d/serverview start as user root into the shell. On the debian4you Live CD you can also choose the entry in the XFCE-menu.

Firewall firehol

After the installation the firewall firehol is configured so that all outgoing connections are allowed. Only ssh, ping and snmp are allowed as incoming connections.

Change the root password of the Live CD

In order to change the root password of the Live CD you can type the command sudo passwd root into the shell. Then you will be asked to enter the new root password. After that you can log in as Root with the command su -.

Onboard network Econel 100S2, RX100S5

To use the onboard network interface card of an ECONEL 100S2 or a PRIMERGY RX100S5, you have to install the package debian4you-e-1000-module-source and run the command e1000_7.6.15.4_install. Afterwards insert the entry for the network interface into the file /etc/network/interfaces.
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
Attention! The command e1000_7.6.15.4_install has to be executed after every kernel update.