Erweiterung des Teams in DACH, um die steigende Nachfrage der Region nach Edge-Lösungen zu erfüllen.




Das Fujitsu SELECT Expert Hybrid Cloud Zertifikat bescheinigt Kenntnisse über den Exterprise Service Catalog Manager (ESCM).

Debian/Ubuntu FSE support

The Bytec Debian/Ubuntu FSE support provides assistance and problem solutions via email or telephone. It is not confined to Debian FSE. The support is available for existing Debian installations.

Debian/Ubuntu FSE Basic support

The Debian/Ubuntu basic support is designed for servers which are not integrated in a critical business process.

Debian/Ubuntu FSE Standard support

For server which serve business critical applications, the Debian/Ubuntu FSE standard support is essential.

Debian/Ubuntu FSE Priority support

The Debian/Ubuntu FSE priority support addresses companies, which are working in shift operation and execute their maintenance work and migration on weekends. It offers the best possible safeguard against server failures.