Auch in diesem Jahr ist BYTEC wieder auf der Night of IT-BUSINESS als Gewinner eines Awards - zum 15. Mal in Folge - vertreten. In diesem Jahr haben wir in der Kategorie "VAD Server & Storage" einen Gold-Award gewonnen. 

BYTEC erhält das Prüfsiegel "Excellent Distributor" als Gewinner der CRN Leserwahl 2019!

Debian/Ubuntu Fujitsu Server Edition

Because of the ever increasing demand for Debian and Ubuntu on Fujitsu Technology Solutions PRIMERGY servers, Bytec decided to develop Debian Fujitsu Server Edition. Debian/Ubuntu FSE is based on Debian or Ubuntu LTS and is optimized for the use on Fujitsu Technologiy Solutions servers. Advanced services from email- up to 24/7-support ensure that in case of an emergency help maybe served in time. The offered services are also available for your existing Debian-installation.

Aside from necessary drivers, the ServerView agents as well as the ServerView RAID Manager are already integrated in the operating system. ServerView enables you to control the operability of your server with ServerView Operations Manger respectively ServerView Light, which is developed by Bytec.

A list of Bytec certified and supported servers can accessed here.